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This is Namibia from Venture Media on Vimeo.

Namibia offers beauty and tranquility in equal measure and it is easy to feel as if you are the first person to step foot in many areas of it’s vast wilderness. One of the least populated and most politically stable countries in Africa, Namibia is one of the safest countries to explore with an organised group or as an independent traveller.

Stretching from the coastal towns along the Atlantic Ocean in the west, across the dunes of the worlds oldest desert, the Namib, through the bushveld until the Kalahari in the east Namibia’s constantly changing landscape never ceases to surprise and entertain. The Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, The Waterberg and the Caprivi bring visitors from around the world but the list of attractions goes on.

For those wishing to see the “Big five” of African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros there is no better country. With the largest cheetah population in the world and home to other iconic species such as wild dog, caracal, brown and spotted hyaena, and cerval, not to mention 20 species of antelope and over 700 species of bird, Namibia is a world class destination for the professional and amateur game viewer.

Namibia is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups who provide an array of friendly and fascinating cultures to meet and enjoy. Local crafts and food, along with traditional singing and dancing, can regularly be found as you make your way through the country.

As one of the few countries in the world to specifically address conservation and protection of natural resources in its constitution the income from tourism helps to support the environment, wildlife and communities that make Namibia so unique. So you can be assured that your visit is helping to protect the wonders you see along the way.

What is not a wonder is that people return to Namibia again and again!

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