Cheetah Conservation Fund - P.O. Box 1755 Otjiwarongo, Namibia


Cheetah Conservation Fund is making great strides toward our commitment to increasing sustainability across our property.


Through our habitat restoration program we are developing biomass fuel production techniques, utilizing overgrown native thornbush. Sites that are clogged with dangerous thornbush are cleared and harvested to create Bushblok, a clean burning fuel log with exceptional energy output. Through this program, supported in part by the European Union grants program, we are able to create energy from material that would otherwise be considered waste.

CCF constructed a new modern and energy efficient Visitor Centre in 2015. The roof was made to be fitted with solar energy panels and development is underway to install solar energy systems to help power our main campus.


Thanks to the generosity of donors we now have a greenhouse and hydroponic garden. A wide variety of vegetables are now grown year-round and on-site.

CCF’s model farm raises dairy goats to assist in predator friendly training for local farmers. The milk produced is made into a wide variety of products in our Dancing Goat Creamery. These delicious products are used by our chefs to create meals for CCF’s guests and staff.

Local Economy

CCF participates in the Greater Waterberg Landscape initiative by helping local conservancy members develop sustainable revenue streams that both compliment and supplement farming. Artisans create handmade crafts like jewelry which are sold in CCF’s gift shop at fair trade prices. These items are also marketed internationally and available at CCF’s fundraising events in the United States, Europe and England.

About CCF Dining Gift Shop