Cheetah Conservation Fund - P.O. Box 1755 Otjiwarongo, Namibia

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Day Trips and Overnight Lodging at Cheetah Conservation Fund

CCF Center Panorama
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Babson House
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Dr. Bruce Brewer

 – General Manager of Cheetah Conservation Fund and BushBlok – I have lived and worked in Namibia since 2000, and I have had the privilege of being a part of every Cheetah Conservation Fund project. I can attest to the positive impact we are making on both the cheetah and the people who share its landscape.

Dr. Laurie Marker

– Founder and Executive Director Cheetah Conservation Fund – CCF is a unique place that visitors may come to learn about the cheetah and experience its magnificence and grace. This is a world class research facility doing groundbreaking research in the biology, ecology and genetics of the cheetah and it’s open to the public 364 days per year.


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